Wedding Day At Green Gables

Green Gables is an absolute amazing venue for weddings! They kinda got it all and recently they have added some more really cool things and that just makes our job easier as photographers so thank you Green Gables.

The venue is one of our favorites because it just has so many photogenic spots around the property. Where the ladies get ready is decorated with that classy vintage look and is so nice. Where the guys get ready it is like a 1950’s man cave speak easy. The ceremony location is really nice and allowed me to get some great photos. There is a big grassy and shaded area in the back of the school house that is really good for getting big group photos. The family photos and also wedding party photos.

For couple portraits its great, you just kinda do a lap around the property and in every direction you go, there is a cool spot to get something creative and romantic.

It was a pleasure photographing this couple. They were super fun made my job easy because they just with with the flow. I was so happy to get an email from the brides father a few days after I sent them their album. It meant a lot to get this email. As an artist, knowing that you are creating something that people like and appreciate is really what keeps you going. Making money of course is needed but knowing people like my work makes me excited to call myself a wedding photographer.

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