The Ring Shot

I always make a point to get photos of the rings. This is just part of being a wedding photographer, you know you need to get the “ring shot”. It wasn’t until I got married myself that i looked at the ring shot a different way.

I look down at my ring from time to time and notice how scuffed up and worn out it looks. I love the character that has now that it is not brand new and perfect looking anymore. Your ring will never look new again. It will never look the same as it did that day.

That is why I like to capture photos of your rings on that day that you say “I DO” to each other. You can look back to when your ring was perfect and remember that day you put them on each others fingers. So when you look down at your rings years later and realize its not perfect anymore but it now has history and a love story to tell.


In this photo: Photo bomber trying to get in on the action:)